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Since Fuchanghui’s inception in 2007, we have experienced the baptism of electronic products market changes, and always been proudly in the forefront of passive devices acting in the fierce market competition. We always adhere to high-quality, high efficiency, high-quality pre-sale and after-sales services concept, to open up the market based on win-win cooperation. We maintain a good supply chain relationship with three World Top 50 companies.
The precision resistor, power resistor, current sense resistor, current limiting resistor and alloy resistor acted by our company sell well. We win the market competitiveness by three levels of product services – high, middle and low, and we establish long-term stability partnerships with a number of retailers.
As the agent of German ISA (ISABELLENHUTTE) in China, we will take effects to promote ISA products in China. Those products are widely used in automotive electrical control industry, industrial control, hydraulic control, motor control, new energy vehicles field, solar energy field, as well as military industry. At the same time, in terms of low-power products, we also acts full range of products of Viking and Fenghua Hi-Tech. We are becoming an expert in the precision and power resistor industry.



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